Matin Nazamy, Technology Analyst Intern at American Express

Matin Nazamy, Technology Analyst Intern at American Express

Company: American Express

EverUp Micro-Credential: Data Analytics

Meet Matin Nazamy, a Data Analytics micro-credential completer at Queens College and Summer 2021 Technology Analyst intern at American Express. After completing his micro-credential and taking advantage of the benefits offered to successful completers, he spent the summer harnessing his belief in the power of computers to change the world.   

Matin’s path to landing an internship at American Express started with his decision to enroll in the Data Analytics EverUp Micro-Credential. The micro-credential allowed him to expand his data and coding knowledge, apply those skills through projects, and add them to his resume.  

“[The micro-credential] opened the door for me to get a foothold in Data Analytics, which now for the rest of my life, I’m going to have this foundation that I can build on,” he said.   

After completing the micro-credential, Matin attended an “Insider’s View of Getting an Internship” info session hosted by American Express for micro-credential completers. He decided to apply for an internship—and was prepared with the skills he needed to land it. The internship has equipped him with hands-on experience in the FinTech field, which he has long aspired to break into.  

“I was excited to be working…with such a big, great company,” he said. “I’m excited to have a new experience and dig right in something brand new and explore this new world.” 

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